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Shaftesbury Civic Society

Founder Member of Civic Voice

What is Shaftesbury Civic Society

Shaftesbury Civic Society is a founder member of Civic Voice - the national charity for the civic movement in England.

We are interested in more than just old buildings and pageantry, we are about joining together as a community to get things done with the purpose of maintaining and enhancing the sense of place and history, and the quality of life, in Shaftesbury and its surrounding villages. Anyone living in the SP7 postal area can become a member as long as they share our passion to ensure that Shaftesbury is Attractive, Enjoyable and Distinctive, and our aim to promote Civic Pride.

What does it do?

More than you probably realise! We hold regular community events throughout the year ranging from picnics to public meetings that provide residents with a forum to discuss local matters. Through our members feedback we criticise or commend proposals for buildings, developments, amenities and, even, maintenance in Shaftesbury to discourage what is thought to be bad and to encourage what is thought to be good. We inform members of the local councils so that they can decide to do for Shaftesbury what is acceptable to the residents. We are not affiliated with any political party.

How do you decide what to criticise and commend?

As well as listening to residents at our public forums, we invite outside speakers on subjects of particular interest and make enquiries of experts to support some modest research so that our comments are well informed. We have developed good contacts with Dorset County Council, North Dorset District Council and Shaftesbury Town Council.

Are you just a bunch of NIMBY’s?

Not at all! We want to see that the residents are given the opportunity to influence the way the town develops. We endeavour to be representative of all residents, new and old, of any age, and from all parts of the town. With the town growing at a rate never seen before it couldn’t be a more important time to join us and get your voice heard!

Can I really make a difference?

Of course you can! We have got 50 years of experience representing the people of Shaftesbury and your voice will make us louder and more influential. You can help just by signing up to our free online members area or come along to one of our events. To really show your support become a full member and get invited to exclusive member events. Your subscription will help make Shaftesbury a better place to live.

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Pump Yard by Mick Hicks