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Save Dinah’s Hollow

Apart from the continuing ‘jams’ at Melbury Abbas when HGV’s meet because one of them has ignored the ill-conceived ‘one-way system’ between Blandford and Shaftesbury (C13 South, A350 North), the Dynah’s Hollow issue has ‘gone quiet’, whilst Dorset County Council  Highways Department decide what to do next! More info.

Shaftesbury’s Neighbourhood Plan

The new Neighbourhood Plan group (now called an Advisory Committee … to the Town Council) is now ‘up and running’, carefully reviewing the current relevance of the work done by the previous group. Two of the new group’s members are also active members of the Shaftesbury Civic Society.

Some of the other items we are currently looking at are:

A Vision for Shaftesbury (which we hope can be fed into the Neighbourhood Plan when that gets going again),

At one level this is identifying items that need policies in order to create consistency rather than the hotch-potch which occurs as each agency/authority many times over applies a differing standard, for example an 'explosion' of signs, signs in front of each other or simply old signs never taken down,

At another levels this is generating a strategic debate as to how to keep listed buildings in use, as being listed can create barriers which then result in a lack of investment in structural fabric,

An audit of green sandstone walls in the Parish – these are a distinctive feature and are being 'eroded' away,

A couple of high profile events – we are working on next year’s Civic Day and looking to get a couple of key note speakers

Some historic films for a film evening at the Arts Centre – we have access to the British Film Library archive material on a number of items and can hire a film for £20

Reducing needless advertising in the streets – the type that springs up as banners on railings, and when one is there it seems to breed,

An award in memory of one of our founders who died recently – which will celebrate an outstanding contribution to pride in Shaftesbury,

Forging closer links with the local Conservation Officer whose work is now spread over a much wider area due to local government reorganisation - Shaftesbury we think has perhaps one of the highest concentrations of Listed Buildings  in England) – yet each week we notice a chipping away at these assets due to lack of coordinated approaches,

Protecting our local Conservation Area – developers see these areas as more £’s per build, we agree development has to occur but not to the detriment of our historic open spaces,

Protecting the Slopes that are part of the iconic nature of Shaftesbury, a whole issue in itself,

Seeking to complete a Heritage Action Zone application which we only heard about very recently.