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.Planning Matters

One of Shaftesbury Civic Society’s main roles is to monitor planning applications and, where appropriate, make comments which we share with the planning authority, North Dorset District Council and with our Town Council. Our task is not to veto every application but to make constructive points that we hope make the case for Shaftesbury.

Currently, we are concerned with two major applications:

The land north of Enmore Court

Planning Application for 25 dwellings on land north of Enmore Court and off New Road, Shaftesbury (Application ref: 2/2018/0696/out)

Following a successful overall campaign to protect the Northern Scarp Slopes of Shaftesbury and in particular canvass opinions concerning the application for the development of 25 houses on New Road, there has been a total of 182 objections to the scheme and none supporting.

The main points of the objections have been based on the development being outside the Settlement Boundary, a substantial increase in traffic movements, lack of infrastructure in the locality and more particularly Shaftesbury as a whole, as well as the land not only being in Green Belt but also building on the unstable running Green Sandstone.

There continues, however, to be a lot of activity by Nylo Homes, apparently looking at how the concerns over flooding are going to be approached with such a substantial development and they have also had the surveyors back to look at how a solution can be found to deal with any issues regarding traffic management.

The dates for public consultation and the determination date of September 7th have passed. The latter is the date that the Council should have made a decision to either back the proposals or refuse the application, there may still be an opportunity to lodge an objection on line

According to the Case Officer, no decision has been made as to whether the application will be determined by delegated powers or by committee. Should the matter go to public committee, it is imperative that as many Shaftesbury Residents attend to have their concerns voiced.

N Mackay

The land on the corner of the A30 and the Higher Blandford Road,

(Application Ref. 2/2018/0602/out)  To determine access to the site for development of 55 houses

The developer has applied for permission for an access to the site, off the B3081 Higher Blandford Road, just off the A30, to enable 55 houses to be built. As many of you will know these fields have wonderful views from the town out to Melbury Down and across to the AONB. It is also an important view from these areas into the town. North Dorset District Council have ruled out use of this site for housing and the planning inspector, when he examined the North Dorset Local Plan before its adoption also made clear that this land should be preserved as an important green space. This is the second application that the developer has made over the past three years and despite modification by reducing the number of houses, SCS believes that to grant this application would seriously undermine the integrity of the local plan, lead to further development on the fringes of the town and loss of very beautiful and important views.

There have been a good number of objections from local people and from many of the agencies concerned such as the AONB, CPRE, Natural England as well as the Clinical Commissioning Group and the Education department expressing their concerns and requirements for Additional funding to meet the need that would be created.



Civic Society members can make a real difference by writing to NDDC or posting their comments on the planning website. The planners are obliged to take into account the community’s views when they are expressed in writing. It takes a few minutes, but we can all make a real difference by making that effort.

With a new initiative, SCS will attempt to notify members by email when they become aware of any significant application received by North Dorset but are also monitoring the situation over the border in Wiltshire, where we believe the next substantial development is likely to be proposed.